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For many issues, your truck remains driveable, and you can get it to us for repair. For others, your truck may not work, be suitable for the road, or driving it will risk damaging it. If you’re in the latter position, don’t fret. Diesel Pickup Specialists, Inc in Inman, KS can tow your vehicle for you.

If your truck is overheating, experiencing low oil pressure, won’t start, the transmission is experiencing trouble, your truck has severe suspension or steering issues, or any other condition exists which prohibits your ability to get your truck to us, we’ve got your back. Give us a call and a location, and we’ll have your truck at the shop and ready for repair in no time.

Towing isn’t only for trucks that won’t start or move. You should also have your truck towed if it is experiencing cooling or oil pressure issues, or the transmission is behaving incorrectly. These problems almost always worsen rapidly, and do constant damage while the engine is running or the truck is driving. Don’t take a chance on destroying your vehicle’s engine or transmission by trying to drive it - let us move it for you. The same goes for steering and suspension issues; if the problem is bad enough, driving your truck could cause something to break, which instantly jeopardizes not only the safety of your truck, but of you and anyone else on the road.

If your truck needs a tow, let Diesel Pickup Specialists, Inc in Inman know. Once it’s here, our mechanics will have your problem fixed and get you back on the road. Don’t risk more damage, or stress over moving your truck. It’s in good hands with us.

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